What should be done?


John From and Kerri Oastler moved into their apartment two weeks ago and have been asked to move because their eight-year-old son, Logan, is autistic and makes too much noise.


Most people have now heard about the Ottawa Citizen article about the young 8 years old boy who has Autism. His family is now being evicted due to noise complaints that sound, “like a 50-pound box being dropped repeatedly.” It’s a very unfortunate situation for both the parents and residents of the community. Personally I think the blame falls onto the company who were warned ahead of time about the young boys condition and possible noise before signing the lease. It was the companies job to provide a community environment. Knowing that the community values its very quiet residents (… quiet community of working professionals and retirees who “mind their own business.”) they signed on a family with a typical excited 8 year old boy.

The family should not be held responsible for the noise their son makes, it is part of being 8 years old and also a side effect of autism. However, the residents of the community area should not be expected to put up with excessive noise as it is not a family community area but rather one whose target population is retirees.

In my opinion the family should have been redirected from the get go to a family environment town house area. Many of these companies own a bunch of buildings in different zones of the community. I bet they own another zone closer to schools and with a more family appreciative atmosphere. Now the company is on the defense and serving this family eviction notices.

If you ask me this family should be moved for their own safety and well being at the cost of the company. No family should be living in an area where they are resented. They should be moved to a new apartment with a very welcoming community that is meant for families and children.


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