What happens when they get older?

Autism meltdown

What happens when your child’s body get’s older but their mind doesn’t? In this youtube video you can see a young man that has been diagnosed with Autism have a meltdown. His parents hold him down to keep him from hurting himself and others. It may look scary and perhaps even unwarranted but it is to help him maintain control.

One problem I often see is as the child’s body get’s older their mind doesn’t and they end up having 5 year old tantrums in a 20 year old’s body. This is a huge problem. At the age of 5 lashing out at parents, stomping around and throwing a fit are normal. (not good behavior but normal) At the age of 20 these young actions come with greater consequences as the individual doesn’t understand the strength they have. Suddenly lashing out could give the parents a black eye and throwing a fit could break furniture.

Having a system such as these parents do that helps calm a child down quickly to avoid any damage is very important.

**Please note that when the parent lies on their child this is to give the child pressure it is in no means to hurt the child. Individuals with Autism often want and require large amounts of pressure to help them to calm down. **


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